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Easy Train K9 Obedience

Easy Train K9 Obedience

Michael Iannantuoni, Owner

Thanks so much for choosing Easy Train K9 Obedience in support of your dog obedience and behavioral needs

Let’s take some time to talk about the training methods used for basic and advanced obedience as well as behavioral issues.

My Training Method

I have found that positive reinforcement (adding something pleasant to get the behavior) along with negative punishment (the removal of something pleasant) is the best way to achieve the desired results at the end of the day.

My training does not include choke, prong or electric shock as a means of training as they can cause stress and unwanted fearfulness in your dog.  That is something we do not want as a part of our training regiment.

In some rare cases, these tools may have some validity.  However, if not used with perfect timing, it will cause a dog stress.  Particularly, as many of the dogs being trained today are rescues.  These dogs already have some level of stress and aggression from improper socialization.

The five words that are key to training successfully are:


My Services

Training, while you yourself are not feeling up to the challenge, can also have an adverse effect on the dog.  For instance, a command shouted out frantically will result in a frantic response by the dog.  

What type of dog are you looking for?

A little bit of research goes a long way in obtaining the right pet for you and your family.  Truth be told, you’re not going to get a pug for long hikes in the wilderness any more than a Labrador for elderly woman who loves to knit for 12 hours a day.

What I Offer

Easy Train K9 Obedience

Basic Obedience

#1 – Sit, Stay, Down, Impulse Control and some loose leash walking skills. 

# 2 Includes Sit, Down, Stay, Impulse control with duration, adding Heel and Touch

Lets find out what your goals and needs are for you K9 and make those a reality.

Easy Train K9 Obedience

Advanced Obedience Training

Includes duration for basic skills along with,Recall, Heel,Touch, placement while walking on or off leash  with a number of distractions .

Doggy Style K9 Training -puppy play

Play Train

This is a great way to get your dog out and about while being socialized in many different settings outdoors. 

These sessions are for K9’s that have received moderate training in all advanced skills and have a solid recall. 

The distractions are endless and can be used for train situations you otherswise may not encounter on regular walks in and around your normal routines.   

Training packages

Single sessions (non-packages)

$150.00 each up to 60 minutes

Packages are available for Basic & Advanced obedience  in bundles of 5 sessions for $600.00
A savings of $100 dollars

All sessions are on location in Middleboro, MA. Sessions are available at your location for an additional travel rate and will fluctuate depending on your location.

Private Sessions containing behavioral issues will most likely be done at your location.

All bundles will be paid in advance and make-up sessions, if needed, will be rescheduled at the courtesy of the trainer.

Intense two hour session!

$250.00 per two hour session

With my intense two hour session you will receive the 21 Lesson booklet, the rundown on all basic training, impulse.  Control, walking on leash, recall and introductory training that will include distractions.
Easy Train K9 Obedience


Michael Iannantuoni

Trainer / Mentor

Training has been a passion of mine for many years and building the bond between animal and human is something that is an essential part of dog ownership, and something I am passionate about.

Easy Train K9 Obedience

I chose Catch Training Academy for my certification for it’s attention to detail and hands on approach.  Catch Training covered all aspects from crate training to behavioral issues, which are occurring at record numbers these days with the amazing amounts of dogs acquired through the pandemic. Something not covered.

These days, dog psychology (how the dog learns) eyes, ears and nose, combining many training methods, we can assure success with many different breeds and issues that occur in and outside the home.

Let’s get started and remember, as with any other behavior learned, we must first train ourselves in proper communication.

Client Reviews

“I was in search of a trainer for my 3yr old rescue and came across Michael at Easy Train. My pup can be skittish and anxious but, even within the first interaction, he handled her with such ease. He taught both me and my dog the skills we will need to have a happy and SAFE home life going forward. I feel more confident and am very grateful for all Michael has done in the past 5 weeks.”

Kenessa DiCesare

Michael is the dog whisperer of Middleboro. He has the unique ability of being able to read a dog.  His understanding and love of canines shows in every interaction he has with dogs.  Whether it be correcting existing behavior or teaching a new pup, Michael is my first choice in dog training.  His own dog Jazzmine is a shining example of his expertise and excellence in dog training.

Stacy Martin

“I reached out to Michael for help with my rescue dog, Maisy, after seeing how well trained his own dog was. Michael broke down each lesson into basic steps that were easy for Maisy and I to learn. Maisy and I completed 5 lessons and have made great strides! We continue to work on training at home and I know she will keep progressing. Most importantly Michael taught me how to communicate more effectively with my dog and be a good leader for her. Thanks so much!”

Melissa Carnes

Easy Train K9 Obedience

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